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Monday, September 13, 2010

2 Weeks To Go!

Last week I came down with an unfortunate cold that put a damper on the training.  Most of the week was spent trying to take care of the symptoms and fitting in short workouts when I wasn't feeling too weak.  The best thing that's happened in the last 2 weeks has probably been Denard Robinson of the Michigan Wolverines.  I'm thinking about racing with my bike shoes unbuckled and my racing flats untied.  Maybe that will give me the edge I need.  Go Blue!

I finally started feeling better Saturday morning, just in time for House of Pain.  I took the time trial bike out for this one.  Usually this group ride is known for talented time trialists like Chris Lieto and Kyle Leto taking pulls at certain long stretches of the route.  With Lieto down in Malibu winning a triathlon and Leto dominating a pro race in Pacific Grove, it left the door wide open for a TT guy like myself.  I could definitely tell that I was sick the previous couple days, but I took some big pulls and worked on time trialing to get ready for nationals.  I did my best to make the group of 30 or so guys behind me suffer.

I've also spent some quality time in Lake Temescal in Oakland.  Rebecca and I went there twice last week to work on long endurance swimming.  The only downfall here is that this lake is nasty.  It smells bad and you can't see your hand in front of you under water.  Here's a picture of beautiful Temescal.
So I've got 2 more weeks.  One more week of hard workouts, followed by the best part of training there is: Taper.

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